Personality Development

To develop your personality, you need to be physically fit. Unless a person is physically healthy, he or she would lose confidence and it does not help to improve one’s personality. A sound body is inevitable to have a sound mind. Yoga postures energize and oxygenate the whole body thus enhancing the performance of all the organs.
Yoga and breathing practices activate your brain and improve the performance of your brain. Yoga enhances memory power as well. Your concentration improves with yoga practices and this would help you in understanding things bette
Being emotionally charged does not help a person to handle things better. If you maintain a state of calm while facing tough times, you will be able to make better decisions. Yoga helps to keep you calm and composed and thus you will never experience a moment when you had taken a decision in a fit of fury.
Yoga inculcates self-disciple in the practitioner thus contributing to personality development.
It improves self-confidence.
Yoga relieves stress and enhances clarity of thoughts. A stressed mind cannot think clearly. Yoga keeps you stress-free and helps you to handle things better.
As yoga and breathing techniques stimulate right and left brains, your overall performance improves, which gives your personality a great boost
>Yoga helps you to identify the inner you so that your life and perceptions get elevated to a higher plane.

Yama, Niyama, Dharana and Dhyana are some of the yogic practices, which contribute to the mental fitness of the practitioner. Yama is all about moral principles, Niyama is about introspection and contentment, Dharana focuses on awareness and Dhyana is all about meditation. These yogic practices help to develop your overall personality as it elevates your mind to a higher level.


Conclusion – Yoga for Personality Development

Yoga is not just an art. It is science and it is life style. Maintaining perfect health, proper mental development and ability to manage emotions are essential to improve your personality.

Yoga provides all this and more. It keeps you balanced and composed, it alleviates your physical sufferings, mental stress and negative thoughts. It helps to keep you focused and ultimately leads you to enjoy perfect harmony.

Thus, including yoga in your day to day life can enhance your personality.